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JEVIC’s Roadworthiness Inspections involve a pre-shipment mechanical and structural inspection of used vehicles to ensure acceptable levels of road safety and emission levels.

Carried out by trained, qualified Inspectors working in world-class facilities, the inspections detect aspects such as mechanical faults, structural damage and the quality of any repairs.

They are particularly relevant for countries where there is no legal requirement for vehicles to pass a safety ‘fitness’ test, or peridoic technical inspection. 

For used vehicles being imported into Africa, for instance, JEVIC is appointed by several countries to carry out Roadworthiness Inspections prior to shipment from Japan, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Singapore and South Africa.  Initiated by the contracting country to minimise the risk of unsafe and substandard vehicles entering these markets, the overarching aim is to protect the health and safety of all road users and to protect the environment.

The standard of inspections is complaint with the destination countries regulations, common factors being age limitiations, driving side, and the vehicle must pass a safety and mechanical technical inspection.

Any government organisations wishing to seek information of Roadworthiness Inspections relevant to their country should contact JEVIC’s Head Office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.